Food Recovery Coalition celebrates World Food Day ~ Oct.16th, 2017 @ Portland Public Library 4-7pm with GSFB Executive Director as Keynote.

 4:00-4:30  Keynote ~ Kristen Miale & Steve Finn


 4:30-5:00  Maine Gleaning Week Results (4:35 - 25min)

 5:00-5:30 Networking and Refreshments by:

  • Food Recovery Coalition Produce Stand

  • Cooking Matters ?

  • UMaine Master Preservers.


5:30-7:00   Chellie Pingree introduces the film ?

  • Healthy Communities of the Capital Area with support from Harvard Pilgrim HealthCare Foundation, and Food Recovery Coalition presents:
  • WASTED  (movie 1 hr. 25 min.)



Member of the Maine Gleaning Network

The Merrymeeting Gleaners began in 2016, as a project of the Merrymeeting Food Council with the support of the University of Maine’s Cooperative Extension Office for Sagadahoc and Androscoggin Counties. In 2021, the program became part of Mid Coast Hunger Prevention program in Brunswick. 


We have a Coordinator and over 100 volunteers who work with over two dozen farmers to bring fresh, local produce to those in need. Gleaners harvest surplus produce from farms and collect extra produce from Farmers’ Markets five days a week.  


We distribute the produce to food pantries, soup kitchens, Head Start and WIC programs, and low-income housing communities. Over 30 organizations receive produce we’ve gleaned, in towns and cities all around the Merrymeeting Bay region, from Richmond to Bath and sometimes beyond.


Additionally, we organize Sharing Tables in 6 towns in our region. The Sharing Tables are unmanned tables with free produce that is displayed in a public place and available to anyone that needs it.  There is no income criteria and it is completely anonymous. 


To get involved: