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The Maine Food Atlas has been created by the Network of Community Food Councils, working closely with the Center for Community GIS.


Through local food asset mapping, Community Food Councils are actively exploring and documenting their regional food systems. This work provides essential baseline information necessary for rebuilding community food systems, assuring greater food security for all, and improving the social, economic, environmental, and health impacts of our food.


The Maine Food Atlas encourages diverse food operators—growers, processors, farm to school groups, food security organizations—to use the website and put themselves “on the map.” Users can establish free Maine Food Atlas accounts, which allow them to richly describe their work, load photos, and independently manage their postings over time.


As the Maine Food Atlas grows, Community Food Councils will provide mid-level support and serve as regional moderators for listings in their respective service areas. Through “curated crowdsourcing,” assigned local food council members will be alerted whenever a new listing is added. They will also be available to reach out to help folks create robust, beautiful listings.


The Atlas was launched in "beta" format in May 2015 following pilot mapping work in Oxford County. The site will continue to evolve and improve. Feedback is great, so please tell us what you think. 


The Maine Network of Community Food Councils is seeking partners to grow and enhance the Maine Food Atlas and welcomes opportunities to discuss and explore collaborations and partnerships.


Initial funding for this phase of work was provided by the Elmina B. Sewall Foundation. Additional funding is being sought to not only expand the Atlas’ functionality, but to help us engage and train other Community Food Councils statewide in the use of the Atlas.


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