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The Maine Gleaning Network emerged in 2015 as part of Healthy Acadia’s Downeast Gleaning Initiative, to provide technical assistance to emerging gleaning organizations and community groups around the state.

Our members include Downeast Gleaning Initiative (Hancock and Washington counties), UMaine Cooperative Extension Harvest for Hunger Gleaners, Merrymeeting Gleaners, Cumberland County Gleaning Initiative, Central Maine Area Gleaners, Healthy Communities of the Capital Area, Unity Food Hub Gleaners, and Lincoln County Gleaners.

Our common goal is to ensure that Maine's food system can count on professional gleaning and food rescue services to support local farms, community food security, and living economies.

In October 2016, Feeding the 5000 Portland, Maine brought a number of gleaning groups together to glean 4,193 lbs. of 13 different crops, from 17 farms, to make 5,000 meals. Gleaning groups are now rescuing the bounty of surplus produce from Maine’s fields everyday. In November 2016, we came together to glean 10,000 lbs. of potatoes and distributed them to college campus food pantries and to our food security partners around the state. Maine Gleaning Network partners continue to collaborate on regional and statewide events to rescue large volumes of food and involve the community in food rescue efforts

To elevate gleaning as a practice for the future of food in Maine, we organize collaborative food rescue events across the state. Please follow our events here and on Facebook.

Together we can rescue the everyday bounty of available produce from Maine’s fields.

Contact: Julia Nelson, Maine Gleaning Network Coordinator,

A collaborative farm surplus rescue effort gathering crops from Maine's fields, and engaging communities IN resourceful and equitable food system ACTIVITIES.

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